Seeking Justice for Sexual Misconduct by a Medical Professional

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When you go to the doctor, psychiatrist, hospital physical therapist, or see other medical professionals, you trust them to treat you with respect as they care for your health. Sexual abuse by a medical professional is a serious violation of trust, medical ethics, and the law. Victims of doctor sexual assault deserve justice and have legal options in both criminal and civil courts. When a doctor or other medical professional sexually assaults or acts indecently with a patient, they have broken the duty of care they are expected to uphold and should be held accountable for their actions. Civil lawsuits for sexual misconduct fall under personal injury laws while criminal charges fall under criminal law.

Criminal charges or a civil lawsuit for sexual misconduct by a medical professional?

When it comes to sexual misconduct, it may be appropriate to pursue both criminal charges and a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator.
Sexual assault and sexual abuse are serious crimes that may warrant criminal charges that result in prison time, the loss of a medical license and even a requirement to register as a sex offender. It is important to file a report with the police if you are sexually assaulted or abused by a medical professional.

Whether or not criminal charges are brought by the prosecutor’s office, victims have a right to pursue a civil claim. The purpose of a civil claim is to get a monetary settlement for your damages relating to the assault or abuse. Damages for sexual misconduct cases include pain and suffering, emotional distress, and the cost of therapy.

Sexual misconduct: statute of limitations

Victims of sexual assault or sexual abuse commonly feel ashamed or embarrassed after the incident. Also, victims commonly worry that they will not be believed. These feelings lead victims to resist coming forward, which leaves the perpetrator free to abuse others and deprives the victim of justice.

If you or a loved one was sexually assaulted or sexually abused by a medical professional, we highly encourage you to contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney and the Michigan Medical Board as soon as possible. You are not alone!

Steve Crane and his team is here to help you gather evidence and fight for justice on your behalf. In Michigan, victims generally have three years from the date of the assault to file a personal injury claim but the sooner the claim is brought, the better. The longer you wait, the harder it is to uncover the evidence needed to prove your claim.

Why it’s important to hire a medical malpractice lawyer for sexual misconduct cases

Sexual assault and sexual abuse cases involving doctors or other health professionals usually fall under the category of “intentional tort” because they were intentional acts, rather than negligence. Most medical malpractice insurance policies specifically exclude liability for an intentional act, which makes these types of claims more difficult to win. With 25 years of legal experience, Steve Crane and his team is best equipped to build a winning case and get the justice you deserve.

Michigan Attorneys Committed to Helping People

We have a long track record of helping individuals overcome legal challenges and pursue compensation in civil court. We understand what is required to prevail in a civil lawsuit against a powerful and well-funded doctor or hospital.

Steve comes from the nation’s top law school and has years of experience litigating cases. He’s worked at some of the world’s most respected law firms. Simply put, Steve Crane and Crane Law are not just another run-of-the-mill personal injury law firm that also handles automobile accidents or slip and fall cases. We are a high-powered civil litigation boutique law firm.

If you are advocating for your child or are an adult seeking closure for abuse suffered years ago, Crane Law and Steve Crane have the experience, grit, and compassion to help you obtain justice and maximum compensation. Contact Steve Crane to schedule an appointment today.
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